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SGS-Tools - Multi-carb - Фрезы для чистовой обработки - 2014 EN

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The Multi-Carb High Performance Finishing End Mill incorporates a
large number of flutes for stability and high feed finishing capabilities
in applications where surface finish and tolerance are critical factors.
The large flute count design allows smoother cutting performance and
increased tool life, positively impacting productivity and quality levels.
• Available with 7, 9 or 11 Flutes based on tool diameter
• Designed with a 35° Helix Angle
• High Flute Count increases feed rates and improves stability
• Odd Number of Flutes control natural harmonics while staggering

  entry and exit of the cutting edges
• Large Core Diameter maximizes rigidity and minimizes deflection
• Optimized Cutting Geometry provides superior surface finishes

  on challenging materials
• High Performance Material for reliable and consistent performance
• Ti-NAMITE-A with proven performance at high temperatures

The Multi-Carb is exclusively available with the most abrasive resistant
and hardest coating, Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) or Ti-NAMITE-A.
With excellent thermal and chemical resistance, Ti-NAMITE-A allows for
dry cutting and improvements in performance of carbide. The TA coating
has a high hardness giving ultimate protection against abrasive
wear and erosion. Ideal for high temperature alloys, titanium,
steels, and stainless steel applications.
Hardness (HV): 3300
Oxidation Temperature: 800°C – 1472°F
Coefficient of Friction: 0.45
Thickness: 1– 4 Microns (based on tool diameter)