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SGS-Tools - Multi-carb - Фрезы для чистовой обработки - 2014 EN

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SGS Helps Aerospace Company gain over 27 days of production while
reducing the cost per part by nearly 78%!

                                                SGS     COMPETITOR
                                            Multi-Carb      7 Flute

Tool Diameter                               .750 .750

Speed                                       295 sfm     220 sfm

Feed                                        40.5 ipm    19.9 ipm

Radial Cut (Ae) .090 .090

Axial Cut (Ap)                              .5300          .2650

Cycle Time        10.67 minutes                         43.34 minutes

Metal Removal Rates 1.93 cubic inches 0.48 cubic inches

The SGS Multi-Carb was able to produce the cut at twice the axial depth of
the competition at 204% greater feed rates. This equates into 4 times more
metal removal at 25% of the original cycle time.

SGS was able to accomplish a tool life of 25 parts where the competitor was

only able to obtain 4 parts. This was a tool life improvement of 625%. The

end user was able to gain 653.4 hours of production for a total of 27.2 days

per year gained.                            $131,822.29 ANNUAL COST SAVINGS


Cycle Time Saved per Part: 32.67 minutes
Number of Parts per Year: 1200
Cycle Time Saved Annually: 653.4 hours
Cost to Machine per Hour: $140.00
Machine Cost Saved Annually: $91,481.65
Tool Life Improvement: 21 additional parts
Tooling Cost Saved per Part: $31.17
Tooling Cost Saved Annually: $39,300