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SGS-Tools - T-carb - 6-ти зубые фрезы - 2013 EN

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• Incorporates unique 6-Flute design for High Speed Machining
  operations requiring high accuracy and less deflection

• Designed for aggressive ramping at high speeds where
  evacuation and load might be a factor

• Engineered for High Speed Milling using Trochoidal and
  Peel Milling techniques

• Exceptional performance with minimal deflection in difficult
  materials such as titanium alloys and stainless steels

• Eccentric relief provides superior strength and smoother
  surface finish

• Variable Flute Geometry maximizes productivity and tool
  life by reducing the harmful harmonics associated with
  aggressive milling

• Available in a variety of corner radius and reach options
• Exclusively coated with Ti-NAMITE-X for superior wear

  and increased tool life

T-Carb six flute end mills are exclusively coated with our proprietary
advanced coating using HPPMS coating process for increased hardness
offering better resistance to abrasion wear. This ultra-tough coating
provides superior adhesion that is critical in high performance applications
that encounter a high level of mechanical stress. With a denser, more
uniform coating structure, TX allows for improved performance at higher
temperatures protecting tools for an even longer tool life.
Hardness (HV): 3000
Oxidation Temperature: 900°C – 1562°F
Coefficient of Friction: 0.50
Thickness: 1 – 4 Microns (based on tool diameter)