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SGS-Tools - Инструмент для хирургии и медицины - 2015 EN

SGS Specialty Group specializes in quality,                   для размещения заказа - sgs@sgs-tool.ru
state-of-the-art, cutting devices for the medical
industry through unique design capabilities in                                With almost 20 years industry experience, SGS Specialty
orthopedic applications.                                                      Group maintains their ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 and
                                                                              are FDA Registered in the development and production of
The SGS Specialty Group is part of the SGS Tool                               medical cutting tools in the industrial market place.
Company - a privately held ISO-certified leader which
proudly pioneered some of the world's most advanced                               DESIGN AND SERVICES
metal cutting technology and sells into more than
60 countries.                                                                          Custom medical and surgical cutting devices
                                                                                       are designed, researched and developed.
SGS Specialty Group produces unique custom
designed surgical tooling with highly trained designers                                SGS Specialty Group understands the unique
dedicated to new technology.                                                           Characteristics of tool-to-bone applications for
                                                                                       specific needs in the medical industry.

STAINLESS STEEL M EDICAL DEVICES SGS Specialty Group's medical devices are made to order from our customer's tool or part print such as:

CUTTERS  DRILLS                                               FILES                    RASPS

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